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Understanding Care Plans of Community Acquired Pneumonia Based on Sankey Diagram

Visual Analytics in Healthcare Workshop, 2016

Author: Shunan Guo, Chaoguang Lin, David Gotz, Bo Jin, Hongyuan Zha, Linhua Shu, Nan Cao

In this paper, we propose a Sankey diagram-based visualization design to visually summarize care plans based on our medical collaborators’ requirements. We apply our tool to a medical dataset of pneumonia patients collected from a Children’s hospital in Shanghai, China. Based on the visualization results, doctors detected many interesting findings, which will be discussed in the paper.

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EventThread: Visual Summarization and Stage Analysis of Event Sequence Data.

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2018

Author: Shunan Guo, Ke Xu, Rongwen Zhao, David Gotz, Hongyuan Zha, Nan Cao

In this paper, we introduce a novel visualization system named EventThread which clusters event sequences into threads based on tensor analysis and visualizes the latent stage categories and evolution patterns by interactively grouping the threads by similarity into time-specific clusters.

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Anomaly detection in spatiotemporal data via regularized non-negative tensor analysis

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, 2018

Author: Chaoguang Lin, Qiuhan Zhu, Shunan Guo, Zhuochen Jin, Yu-Ru Lin and Nan Cao

In this paper, we propose a novel technique to localize spatiotemporal anomalous events based on tensor decomposition. The proposed method employs a spatial-feature-temporal tensor model and analyzes latent mobility patterns through unsupervised learning. We first train the model based on historical data and then use the model to capture the anomalies, i.e., the mobility patterns that are significantly different from the normal patterns.

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ECGLens: Interactive Visual Exploration of Large Scale ECG Data for Arrhythmia Detection

ACM CHI, 2018

Author: Ke Xu, Shunan Guo, Nan Cao, David Gotz, Aiwen Xu, Huamin Qu, Zhenjie Yao, Yixin Chen

This paper introduces ECGLens, an interactive system for arrhythmia detection and analysis using large-scale ECG data. Our system integrates an automatic heartbeat classification algorithm based on convolutional neural network, an outlier detection algorithm, and a set of rich interaction techniques.

This paper won an Honorable Mention Award at ACM CHI 2018

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